Historical Saddle from Former Mexican President to Admiral Byrd in 1932

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Available here for your consideration is a piece of history! This very detailed saddle was a gift from the former Mexican President, (Plutatco Elias Calles) to Admiral Richard Byrd in 1932 (just after Admiral Byrd became known world-wide as the first man to fly to both the north and south poles). The saddle features over the top metal work with everything from the "D" rings, etc. being inlayed with sterling silver. There are sterling silver accents throughout and even a gold emblem on the horn cap. The leatherwork and piteado stitching is another piece of art which would have taken hundreds of hours to complete. Not only is this a super fine example of a fancy, handmade Mexican saddle, but it is a neat piece of history to boot! 
Provenance: Comes with a letter saying it was personally presented to the family of Admiral Byrd in 1932, by the President of Mexico, Plutatco Elias Calles. The statement is signed by Caruth C. Byrd, who was a nephew and became pretty famous himself as a business man and film maker. 
MAKER: El Potro Andaluz
APPROX AGE: Circa 1932. 
SIZE: The seat on this saddle measures 13 inches. 
CONDITION: Good for its age, some wear and aging expected. Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description and are hereby incorporated into the description, specifically with regards to condition.