Antique California Style Spurs With Silver Mountings And Leather Straps

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Available here for your consideration are a pair of antique California style spurs with silver mountings and leather straps. This pair of single mounted spurs features engraved silver on the outside of the heel band and shank, accented with an engraved silver dot, chap guard, and ending in an eight point handmade rowel. Original heel chains, and a great leather straps, attached with a stamped raised silver concho style button complete these spurs nicely. The history of bits and spurs in North America begins with the Spanish who first came to the new world in the 1500s, bringing horses and livestock with them. The Spanish colonial style is the predecessor of the Californian and Mexican styles we know today. These spurs are fine examples of that heritage. Buy these great spurs today!
MAKER: Unmarked. 
APPROX AGE: Spurs are circa late 1800s to early 1900s. Straps are vintage (meaning somewhere between 1930s and 1970s).
SIZE: The heel openings measure 2 3/4 inches, the band width measures 1/2 inch and the shanks measure 2 inches long overall. 
CONDITION: Average to good for their age, normal wear and minor imperfections expected. Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description and are hereby incorporated into the description, specifically with regards to condition.