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Appox. 8.35 cts. of Certified Lander Blue turquoise.

Has a light backing.

Additional Info: A great looking, authentic, Lander Blue Turquoise cabochon. This stone came from the Egeland/Yoder collection. Barbara Yoder was a well-known and respected dealer of Native arts and jewelry. Her and her husband (the former Jerry Egeland) were original investors in the Lander Blue claim in the early 1970s. They took their payback in the form of turquoise, and as such, amassed one of the largest private collections of Landers. Some of their Lander collection was featured in the book, Turquoise, The Gem of the Centuries, by Oscar T. Branson, published in 1975. The Yoder (Egeland) turquoise was featured on P. 26. Their collection is well known as being authentic.

As additional provenance, Bob Brucia of Nevada Gem, and current owner of the Lander claim, has reviewed this stone and certified the stone as being an authentic piece of Lander Blue Turquoise. Certificate included.

This is "New, Old Stock" - Cabbed during the 1970s and spending the last 40 years in a vault. 

Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.