Check Out This Beautiful "Elko Star" Pattern Horse Bit by Grijalva - EG*

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Description: This bit features a cut out "Elko Star" and crescent moon design along with hand engraved inlays and overlays. This bit is from a long-time collector and it has never been in a horses mouth, it was just on display. The silver has not been tested, but it's tarnished like sterling silver should be. Juan Grijalva was a well-know bit and spur maker from Magdalena, Sonora Mexico and was the son of the famous, Edwardo Grijalva (both have since passed on). Family still carries on the Grijalva bit and spur making tradition, marking them with the EG* hallmark, to this day and their bit and spurs are highly sought after.

Maker: Hallmarked EG* (this one made likely by Juan Grijalva).

Approx Age: Marked 1999.

Size: It has a 5 inch mouth piece and is 8 inches long overall.

Condition: Good for its age, minimal wear and minor imperfections expected.
Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.