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Description: Very nice handmade cluster bracelet with 60 beautiful Turquoise cabochons, some of which are turning a darker shade of green due to age. Natural turquoise sometimes turns a darker green with age, usually 50 + years. It was tested as sterling silver.

Maker: Likely Zuni made. A close friend attributed it to Frank Vacit (a master Zuni artisan) because she has one just like it that she got directly from Frank (who was a friend in the early 70s). However, Frank was not known for cluster work, so who knows. Either way it is a nice bracelet by a master artisan. 

Approx Age: Vintage (circa 1960s - 1970s)

Size: Inside circumference measures just over 5 1/2 inches plus there is just over an 1 1/2 inch gap, (making the inside circumference fit an approx. 7" wrist). It is just over 2 1/2" wide and weighs an impressive 70.0g.

Condition: Vintage, good for it's age, normal wear expected.

Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.