Double Mounted Gal-Leg Pattern Spurs by Edwardo Grijalva

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Description: These spurs feature a unique gal-leg design with hand engraved inlays on both sides. Edwardo Grijalva was one of the few Mexican spur makers known to produce the gal-leg design. These spurs are from a long-time collector and have never been used, they were just on display. Edwardo Grijalva was a well-know bit and spur maker form Magdalena, Sonora Mexico. His descendants carry on the Grijalva bit and spur making tradition, marking them with the EG* hallmark, to this day.

Maker: Hallmarked, EG* (Edwardo Grijalva 1914-1994).

Approx. Age: Circa 1970s.

Size: The heel opening is approx. 3-3/8 inches. The heel bands are 1/2 inches wide and the shanks are 2-5/8 inches long (including the rowels).

Condition: Good for their age, minimal wear and minor imperfections expected.
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