Exquisite Native American, Tohono O'Odham, Papago, Horsehair Basket -Norma Antone

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Description: SPECTACULAR Polychrome multi color friendship/snake design horsehair basket by a well-known artist.

Maker: Norma Antone, Tohono O’odham.

Approx. Age: Early 2000s.

Size: Measures a WHOPPING 3 inches x 3 inches across. Tight weave, white, black and sorrel reddish brown.

Condition: Pretty good for its age, and normal wear and fading expected with a couple of stitches sticking up. Please note, this is a more desirable and harder to make closed stitch basket! Imagine the patience and dexterity to weave something this intricate! Comes with certificate card of authenticity. This is the real deal!

Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.