Fred Harvey Era Bracelet *Coin Silver or Sterling Old Tourist Era Collectible*

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Description: The Fred Harvey Era refers to a time frame from about the mid 1950s back to around the turn of the last century. Tourist bought Native Jewelry and other items while traveling by Rail and later by Highway. This great old bracelet is from that era and features a nice, old, natural turquoise stone and has nice stamping and embellishments in the silver work. It was tested as being either sterling (.925) or at least coin (.900) silver.

Maker: Most likely Navajo or Pueblo, but there is not a maker's mark (as was common of Native Style jewelry from this era).

Approx. Age: Vintage (Circa 1930s - 50s).

Size: Inside circumference measures about 5 3/8" plus there is 1 1/8" gap (making this bracelet fit an approx. 6 1/2" wrist). It is almost 5/8" wide across the face and weighs 13.5 g.

Condition: Vintage, good for it's age, normal wear expected.

Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.