Historical First Phase Concho Belt Belonging to Chee Dodge - Last Official Navajo "Chief"

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Wow! Here is a rare opportunity to own a bit of history. This concho belt was once owned by the historical figure, Henry Chee Dodge (1860 - 1947). According to an online biography, "Mr. Dodge was the last official Head Chief of the Navajo from 1884 until 1910, then the first Tribal Chairman of the Navajo Business Council from 1922 until 1928, and finally, chairman of the then Navajo Tribal Council from 1942 until 1946." He was a respected Navajo elder and influential leader. This stunning first phase concho belt was passed down to his daughter, Annie Dodge Wauneka (1910 - 1997) who was also an instrumental Navajo leader. Annie traded the belt to Clay Lockett (1906-1984) for doing an appraisal on the Chee Dodge collection. Mr. Lockett was a well-known Native American Arts expert and lecturer who among other things owned, and then operated, the Museum Shop at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ. The belt comes with copies of paperwork/provenance which supports the history. As far as the belt goes, it is a classic first phase Navajo concho belt made of hammered silver ingots or coins. It was hand stamped and filed and is completely handmade in all aspects as it should be. It has large silver conchos with leather backings and is on a thin brown leather belt (which appears old as well). The last photo is of Chee Dodge during the 1800s.

MAKER: Unmarked.

APPROX AGE: Circa late 1800s.

SIZE: Overall length is 46 inches long. Conchos measure 4-1/8 inches wide X 3-1/2 inches tall. Buckle 3 inches wide X 2-1/2 inches tall. Weighs 607.3 grams.

CONDITION: Good for its age, wear expected. Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description and are hereby incorporated into the description, specifically with regards to condition.