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Look At This Pendleton Vest Covered With 46 Old Fred Harvey Pins

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Description: Here is a beautiful vintage Pendleton vest with 46 amazing Fred Harvey era pins on it! Many of the pins are set with turquoise and some are all sterling silver. Mostly they appear to be Navajo, but there are some Zuni and others as well. The "Fred Harvey era" refers to Native style Jewelry items made from around the turn of the last century to the early 1950s for the tourist market. Originally sold on the railroads, later they were sold along the highway stops.
If you had to buy all of these pins individually, they would cost over $5,000! This is an awesome collection of old pins and they would go perfect in your collection! Plus you will look awesome wearing that vest!

Remember, we offer 30 day returns in the US (just in case you are not satisfied in any way), so what have you got to lose? We stand behind what we sell and want you to be happy! (We would not take a return on just one or a few of the pins, it's all or nothing.)

Maker: Vest is Pendleton. Pins are mostly Navajo, Zuni and Pueblo, but there is not maker's mark (as was common of Native Style jewelry from this era). There may even be a couple from Mexico.

Approx. Age: Circa 1930s give or take a decade or so either side.

Size: Pendleton vest is a size small. Various sized Pins.

Condition: Good for its age. Normal wear and minor imperfections expected on used and vintage items.

Please look closely at the pictures as they are an important part of our description.